My Perception of Time

As I’ve gotten older, time has felt like it’s gone by so much faster. From what I’ve gathered from conversations over text, coffee and seen on Facebook posts, it’s a pretty normal feeling.

Dat 2018 tho? Time is flying at light speed, and it’s also stood completely still.

2018 is almost half over, and I feel like everything about my life has completely halted.

Every Friday (weekend, woooo!) I find myself thinking, wellp, there’s another one. Not much about it feels gratifying, other than the made-it-through-another-week thought. Pile these together, and I find myself with what feels like a lot of wasted time.

It’s not entirely true though. I’ve been to a handful of baseball games, seen some sunshine, made little changes to the apartment, went to Portland and Vancouver, made some stuff. *Shrug* Those were fun :)

I also know it’s all on me to work my perspective.

It’s now been over a month since writing about how I am (was supposed to be) working on developing my new day-to-day. Hahahaha, I still haven’t. I do what I’m supposed to, some stuff I feel like doing and drudge through some of the stuff I need to be doing. *Shrug* At least I’m being present!

Awareness is the first step in changing just about anything.

Time is the one thing we can never, ever get back. Appreciate it and use it wisely.

Hashtag goals.

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